So I’ve been scouting reading glasses, and I found some red ones!image

So I’m channeling Kuriyama-san…




Sometimes I get in a bit over my head

I think I can be everything at once.

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This is Fizz! He’s super cute no? He’s a little camera shy but he likes to sit on my hands while I type. Surprisingly, it’s pretty easy. 



Sorry guys

Pretty much don’t post anything anymore.

BUT Imma back to catch you all up on the sitch.

Mainly because bored but also because a little lonesome and I’ve forgotten what it’s like to have Tumbly friends.

SO: me =]

Wellllllll 4th year of Uni starts in about a month. Which is coool! I’m doing some classics units and japanese as well as some advanced english units so thaaaaaaat’s pretty cool.

Thinking about getting stuck into some accreditation exams for editing…

Thinking about applying to teach English in SPAIN at the end of this year. No justification necessary.

I cut my hair recently- not that you guys would notice. You lot sorta missed my long brunette long fringe stage. Good for you guys. It looked crap anyway. SO I’m a ranga again and I have a fringe again which is pretty much just great. OMG I haven’t posted a selfie since like…. LIKE 18 MONTHS AGO.

You’re welcome. Also the nose ring is gone *cries* because it got infected after 2 years and I rage quit because it hurt. 

I got a kindle for Christmas cause my mum is fracking awesome and CHEAP ASS TEXTBOOKS WOOO! ANOTHER SELFIE OPPORTUNITY!

So that’s all wondrous.

OH also this summers steam sale was grand. As usual I spent a ridiculously small amount of money on a ridiculous amount of games.

I got Skyrim + all expansions for around $17. Madness right?

I also got Final Fantasy 8 because nostalgia and it’s AWESOME.

Spud also bought me ALL of the Half Life games, because the ZOmbies freaked me out and I wouldn’t buy it. But predictably I love the games and I love killing all the alien zombies. Finished the first one- and the second one is so much better so far. 

I also got all the Bioshock’s and one called The Stanely Parable which was short, weird and great.

I think I might replay all the Tomb Raider’s just because I’m obsessed.

Anyway- next point of call is to get myself a PS3 because cheap and then I can play Journey and The Last Of Us, and all the Uncharted’s and so manies moooare.

But I just really suck at money.

So there you have it. That’s where I’m at. Gonna go play gamez naow.

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SO So soso

Hey. Has been a little while since I’ve posted. Which I always take as a good omen about the life I’m leading. I’ve been so thrilled with the world and life outside tumblr, that I’ve not had much reason to dwell here.


I have new hair :) and I’ve changed my degree :) and I’ve been getting fitter :) And I’ve had the lovely face with me for 3 months now.

I feel like a brand new, more shiny version of myself. And I’m really looking forward to this semester. I’ve started my readings already, and I’ve decided to just start things earlier this time around. I’m hoping I don’t fall to bits.

I hope you guys can be as happy as I currently am.

So I’m off to rewatch Stargate SG1, because yay!

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i amsotipsy thatarekorderligsongisthebestideaevaaarrr!!


i amsotipsy thatarekorderligsongisthebestideaevaaarrr!!

Yum yumyumyumyum

Yum yumyumyumyum

I have a pirate shirt- and it makes things better.

I have a pirate shirt- and it makes things better.


This is me finally getting around to showing off my new tattoo. My first tattoo. It is also the belated explanation of why I am awesome.

I got it on Friday, which was the one year anniversary of her death. This is for her.

I wear Red for Ruby every day, and I will never forget.

Idle and serene and lovely big jumper. You’re jealous. You should be.
It’s a fantastic article.

Idle and serene and lovely big jumper. You’re jealous. You should be.

It’s a fantastic article.

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