So I’m gonna talk about abortion again…

The last time I talked about this, I was pretty strongly pro-choice, and not only that, pretty heavily anti-pro-life… Which is a weird statement but whatever, you know what I mean.

So having discussed it since with my boyfriend I’ve become a little more equal minded on the topic and I felt like it was about time I threw these ideas out into the void again. Last time- didn’t go too badly. Got some hate, got some likes, nothing too world shaking… But now I’m seeing things a little differently… I’m still pro-choice but for different reasons maybe…


So I’m a pretty logical person. I am an atheist, I have very little patience for religious belief if it comes anywhere near legal issues and human rights issues, but I’m not about to be an asshole and tell a religious person that they can’t believe whatever they want.

In my lack of belief in any religion, I’m left with my own experience and knowledge and sense of ethics and morals to make decisions about these things, and I personally believe that killing a human fetus is not equivalent to killing a conscious human being…

If the abortion is painless for the fetus, and it isn’t conscious, I don’t see how it is murder. However I can understand that for those that strongly believe it is murder it must be horrifying that so many people condone it. So being aggressive towards pro-lifers isn’t going to work out for you if you’re pro-choice. This is an emotional issue. And people are emotional creatures. I don’t think other peoples emotions should be in charge of my body and what I consider to be best for me, but I can accept that if people think I’m about to stab a baby- they’d get pretty upset, and if that is what they equate abortion to, I can see how they believe it shouldn’t be my decision, how they believe it shouldn’t even be an option. 

My understanding of the consciousness of fetus’ and babies is a little vague though. I have read that memory formation doesn’t actually occur until quite a period after the baby is born. So if you consider true consciousness and formation of a being with an identity is directly connected with a person’s memory then the line of when a fetus or baby becomes a person is well and truly blurred and muddled and confused. 

I personally consider identity and person-hood is pretty much all about experience. We begin to develop as we experience the world. And so my own conflict in this debate is when does the fetus begin to experience the world? When does perception begin? I equate consciousness with perception. If I can’t perceive the world, or myself, then in my own understanding, I am dead.
So if a fetus cannot see, feel, smell, hear, if it cannot perceive it’s own existence, then the fact that it is a partially developed human body doesn’t make it a human life…. to my own understanding. It’s just a bunch of living cells and tissue that left alone might become a human life. And if it isn’t yet a human life, then I can’t agree that it should have human rights.

So I think this issue is way too complicated to use blunt statements like “ABORTION IS MURDER” or “A FETUS ISN’T A PERSON UNTIL IT’S BORN” and unwanted pregnancy is something so personal and different in each situation that decisions about it really shouldn’t be based on the religious beliefs of people not involved.

So please don’t respond to this with “But God says…” because I will either ignore you or brush you off politely. And if you feel the need to yell or swear at me, just be aware that it is incredibly unlikely to sway me in any way. Sure yell and scream and swear, but just don’t expect results okay?


There’s something about the Uni life

Somehow I like it better on rainy days.

Wednesdays are my day off and yet I got up at nine. 

Went off for a swim, had some breakkie and read through my journalism work,

Came home got myself dressed and am planning the Lasagne I shall make tonight.

I’m making laaarge non-vegan and and small vegan one for the family.

I’m excited. Should be pretty easy to simply substitute. 

Imitation Meat crumbles for meat

vegan cream cheese (toffuti) and sheese- instead of cream and cheese

Should be relatively simple.

Will probably beeee deliciousssss.


My hair has been red since…..

2007? Going blonder or redder here and there, but I’ve only been a brunette once. And that was five years ago. Woaaah. Time to shake things up,yes?

Brown it is.


Oh the horror of wasted hours and evacuation.

Worst thing ever.

Time: 2:40pm Tuesday

Location: Dining room table

Sustenance: Mug of Earl grey


  • 1 hour lecture on the Artist and Word.
  • Evacuation due to a fire burning away and the shipping yards next door (therefore I stayed up til 4:30am this morning for NO REASON)
  • Home again, rant at Isaac
  • Tip shop trip- find yet another vest.
  • Soup Stop for yums
  • OpShop stop- find myself a pirate shirt (fuck yesh)

Remaining workload:

  • Prepare online journal for my VisCom class
  • Prepare blog for E-Media class

Approximate time needed: 2 hours

Approximate time to be had: 2 days

Tomorrow: Day off- but Skype Chat with Erin!! fuckyeehh!

I only got an hour sleep- only to not even have a Crit.

And now I have to stay awake- so I don’t fuck up my sleep cycle.


Oh the horror of homework and intensely terrible procrastination.

I think I am getting worse.

Time: 2:50 am

Location: Dining room table

Sustenance: Mug of Earl grey

Work done today:

  • 5 Typography experiments
  • 1 found article for Journalism
  • 2 Journalism readings
  • 2 hour journalism lecture
  • 1 hour journalism tutorial

Remaining workload:

  • Preparation of 10 minute power point of Typography experiments
  • research on similar styles of work
  • research on typefaces used

Approximate time needed: 2 hours

Approximate time to be had: 30 min

Tomorrow: 6 hours of VisCom and critique session.

I am a terrible student.

But maybe I’ll be fine….


The nicest of days

This is a nice day

Listening to acoustic music

whilst drinking my hot choc in my soup mugs

in a big warm jumper

whilst the outside world drizzles at my sunroom windows

It’s not intrusive

it’s just saying- hi there, it’s really crappy out here, but look at how warm you are, and how cosy you are, and how happy you can be from a simple combination of comforts.

Being happy is so simple for me, and I really really hope that never changes.


Image or health?

SO the idea is that the word ‘fat’ is a scary, horrible, and harsh insult, right?

Am I the only one that doesn’t find it that insulting?


Really. When people refer to me as ‘cuddly’ ‘squishy’ ‘curvy’, these are all lovely. I’m more than happy to be all of these things. But it’s usually pretty obvious that these lovely friends/acquaintances of mine are avoiding one specific word, that taboo among women, that dreaded state: ‘fat’.

There are so many things I find more insulting. When people say ‘fat’ they are insulting image more than they are insulting health, and for me, being comfortable with my image- hell I like my body this size- it just doesn’t really hold any sting. My boobs are sometimes inconvenient, but mostly I just have nice cleavage. I like the shape of waist to hip and I’m really starting to enjoy large thighs on women. Plus, I adore beach swimming, and the buoyancy is simply awesome. As well as the fact that it takes over 3 hours for me to start getting cold, even at night.

So I like my body, so to call me ‘fat’ I take as nothing more than an observation of what is truly there. I am fat. This is in absolutely no way a fish for sympathy or compliments or comfort. This is me expressing my complete lack of fear of this word.

Now, to insult my health- yeah that does sometimes get to me, because I do really wish to be healthier. I am fat because I am ridiculously self indulgent when it comes to food, and pretty god damn lazy when it comes to exercise (aside from swimming). So if ‘fat’ is an insult to my health- it does touch on an insecurity.

For women to be dying so frequently of eating disorders, I really think the connection between weight/size to image security needs a solid battering. Our society has fucking harsh standards, and though it is circulated and exacerbated by the media of magazines, films, television, the change has to start with us. Women and men as individuals to accept ourselves. If we hate ourselves for our weight, it’s not a wonder we expect others to hate us for it. 

So accept yourself. Accept what you are and what you aren’t and maybe you’ll start noticing that not only do you find yourself but other women and men of varying sizes to be not only totally acceptable, but attractive.

I am fat, feel free to observe so- because I don’t feel this should be inherently offensive. It isn’t. So don’t act like it is.


Hey guys

Just letting you know I’m awesome.

For reasons I shall divulge in the not so distant future.

OOhh the mystery!


Morning conversations

  • Spudly: Hello Mel
  • Me: Morning
  • Spudly: You look like you just got up
  • Me: I did indeed.
  • Spudly: ...
  • Me: You also look like you just got up
  • Spudly: That is indeed what happened.
  • Me: ....
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